Monday, November 24, 2008

Connecting With Your Network

FCCLA national staff has returned back to the office after four successful National Cluster Meetings in Providence, Jacksonville, Dallas and Cincinnati. During the Adviser Networking session used resources from the national office to discuss topics ranging from Perkins funding to filling out national program award applications. Frequently asked questions guided discussion and tip sheets helped advisers prepare for their project. So many advisers enjoyed using these FAQs and tip sheets that we’ve added them to our adviser resources online.

Career Clusters
Chapter Management
Community Service

Integrating FCCLA
Membership & Recruitment
National Program Award Applications
New Advisers

Perkins Funding
STAR Events

Using Technology
Working with Administration

Please use these frequently asked questions and tips from the national office to assist you on these topics or create workshops and materials for use in your state.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Do the Math

One: Every chapter begins with one FACS teacher!

Two: Try two new things each year. Start a new community service project, increase membership, take students to national meetings, etc. Pick two and make them goals.

Three: Encourage each chapter member to recruit at least three new members for Be Part of It! recognition.

Four: Invite four outside speakers to share their career with students.

Five: Use the five units of Power of One as an ongoing project for first year FACS students.

Six: Organize your chapter with at least six chapter officers: President, First Vice President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Programs, Vice President of Public Relations, and Vice President of Parliamentary Law.

Seven: Take a seventh inning stretch! All good advisers know when to say “no.”

Eight: Work with officers to make a plan that includes at least eight activities throughout the year. Don’t forget fundraisers, recruitment, and recognition events!

Nine: Each chapter is comprised of at least nine members. You don’t need to have all your members in place to affiliate—all you need are the first nine and you can affiliate additional members throughout the year.

Ten: Increase the chapter by ten members next year.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Keepin Up With Mrs. Jones

At FCCLA we are always working to make sure that FACS teachers and FCCLA advisers have the tools needed for a successful department. We know that teachers use the Internet to find effective lesson plans and activities for their classrooms everyday. We also know that just because a lesson plan or activity can be found on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s been tested or will be effective. Therefore, we will be adding to our website a page for uploading and downloading lesson plans and activities. The best part of this addition is that each download has been tested and proven worthy of your attention because they have been submitted by FACS teachers just like you.

Please use the Lesson Plan form or activity form to submit and share your tools with fellow advisers. This Web page needs your ideas to make it a complete resource for all FCCLA advisers.As always, please use the comment section to list other ways we can improve our services to keep up with advisers!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Get With the Program

Those of you who read FCCLA’s e-Adviser know that we have moved our National Program Award Applications to an online only process for the 2008-2009 year. We’ve spent the last few weeks testing the new process and have received very positive feedback.

Highlights of the new system include the ability to type information and save for later, opportunities to attach pictures to your application, ability to review submitted applications, and much more. We hope this new system will allow more schools to apply for the awards.

Please send any questions about award applications, the online system, or national programs to Nicolle DiPasquale at