Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Helpful Fundraising

By Nicole Perez, National Executive Council Adviser, New Jersey

Across the USA, FCCLA advisers hit the ground running in an attempt to help students fund raise for various conferences. With the lack of funding from our school districts, it is important for everyone to be active in fundraising efforts. This is where school and home partnerships come in handy. Parents, teachers and students can all work together to create fundraising ideas.  
Here are a few helpful fundraising ideas to try out in your school:
  • The students can organize a bake sale for faculty and staff. It’s more than the experience of fundraising. The students are engaging in a cooperative learning environment, handling a budget and public relations. 
  • Students can also host a car wash. Posting fliers around town will help ensure community involvement.
  • Host a function at your school or community center such as a carnival or family fun night. Students can sell tickets at school as well as to the community members. Students can donate goods to be served at the event.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FCCLA Fundraising Ideas and Resources

FCCLA offers many options for fundraising ideas and professional development.  Currently, National FCCLA is accepting fundraising ideas on the national website.  Visit the website for free ideas and to share your fundraiser!  

Also, in February, National FCCLA hosted a webinar on Fundraising for Advisers.  Click here to view it free.  The next free adviser webinar is on May 4th at 3 pm on Technology - registration is still open!  

Finally, check out our publication The Handbook to Ultimate Leadership which offers many resources an adviser needs to be successful in FCCLA.  There is a whole chapter on Fundraising and additional resources on the cd that is included in the book.  Visit the FCCLA store to purchase!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adviser Academy: Accepting Application for 2011-2012

FCCLA is proud to offer the Adviser Academy—a five track certificate program open to any adviser with fewer than five years of experience including recent university graduates. Adviser Academy is divided
into five tracks to be completed in a one- or two- year cycle. Participants are eligible for postbaccalaureate credits through Northwest Missouri State University. Graduates from Adviser Academy are recognized at the National Leadership Conference during the Adviser Recognition Session and will receive an FCCLA certificate of completion.  Please visit for more infomation or download the application.  Applications for the 2011-2012 class are due by May 1.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring into Fundraising!

Contributed by Cathe Felz, National Consultant Team, Montana

Fundraising seems to be an important topic for FCCLA advisers all year round but by spring our energy level for fundraising may be waning a bit.  The question on all our minds is: how do I keep my enthusiasm and hold the interest of my students?   

Many chapters are raising money to attend the national leadership conference.  If your chapter raises their own funds for students to attend national conference this may be a daunting task after a year of hard work and competitions. Those attending may be very motivated to raise money because of the opportunity to attend NLC. Community backing is one of the most important things you can get when doing a big Fundraising push. Be sure to inform your community of the great leadership opportunities students will have while attending the national leadership conference and the benefits the community will see.  One way to let the community know what the chapter has accomplished is to showcase the students and their projects a community event, set up displays in local business, or write an article for the local paper, contact local media outlets such as radio and television about successful projects. When preparing for a fundraiser put student projects on display. If you school has a spring election set up a display of student projects and sell pie and coffee.

THINK SPRING! Everyone loves to get out and be active after a long (and sometimes cold) winter trapped in doors. Host a community carnival, a picnic in the park or family water games. Spring is also the season for proms and school formals. Many students like to class up their rides for the night with a limo. Ask a local car dealership to donate a car and driver for a raffle for the ultimate prom date include dinner for two, a photo shoot, and flowers. Sell tickets to students for the ultimate worry free prom date.

As the weather warms, snow melts, roads become muddy and cars become dirty. Use this as an opportunity to raise some money and get the word out about FCCLA by hosting a car wash.  Be sure members have lots of sun screen, snacks, and water.

 For those of us in the north getting out helps relieve cabin fever, sponsor a golf or Frisbee golf tournament at a local course or park. If you are still waiting for the weather to clear how about an indoor event such as dodge ball, volleyball, or basket tournament and don’t forget there is always donkey basketball complete with thrills and spills. Be sure to provide concessions!

It seems facebook is everywhere people are taking about what they posted on facebook. Use this media to invite friends and community members to your event using social media. It is surprising how many people are connected these days and the goal of any fundraiser is to draw a crowd and make a profit.

Happy money making!