Thursday, May 23, 2013

FCCLA Summer Activities

By Nikki Sue Larkin, Utah FCCLA State Adviser

Needing some ideas to keep the FCCLA spirit alive this summer?  Check out the following tips!

  • Give chapter officers leadership training assignments during the summer.  These assignments could be to read a chapter out of the FCCLA Ultimate Officer Handbook Training Manual or the Student Leadership Challenge, write a reflection and some goals they have for their position for the upcoming year, or have them memorize the opening and closing ceremony (including the creed) and the purposes of FCCLA.

  • Participate in a parade.  Decorate a float and make flyers to hand out as you walk down the parade route. 

  • Get together to do service projects for the community. These could include planting flowers, cleaning up the highway and serving at the local community events.

  • Do a chapter officer training before school starts up again in the fall. Have officers bring their favorite candy that represents them. Give each officer a binder with important information about FCCLA, list of duties for their office, or a school calendar. Put together a program of work for your chapter.

  • Do a summer leadership conference for chapter officers during registration day in August that gets them focused on getting kids signed up before school even starts.
  • Have chapter officers come on registration day to help give kids direction in the halls, get kids excited for school, and also be seen around as part of the leadership of the school. By doing this students understand that FCCLA officers are all part of the leadership for the school.

Do you have any summer FCCLA ideas?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chapter Records: Who, What, When, Where?

By Rachel VanPelt, National Consultant Team

Last year my chapter celebrated our 5th anniversary as an FCCLA chapter.  Our chapter officers planned a big reunion dinner for our members, parents, and alumni as part of their Life Event Planning STAR Event.  Besides the financial planning and budgeting that my students strengthened from planning the event, we quickly realized the importance of another aspect of our chapter: maintaining detailed and accurate chapter records!

When I first started teaching, I knew for sure I would remember everything we did as an FCCLA chapter.   After all, these were memories that would last a lifetime!  But somehow the years and activities have blurred together and I find myself wondering exactly when did we do a toy drive… was that last year?  Two years ago?

Luckily, over time our chapter records have become more detailed as our chapter has grown and developed. 

Here are some chapter record keeping tips that have worked for us:

  • Keep a detailed spreadsheet of member information, including email address and phone numbers, to keep in touch with current and former members.
  • Create a Vice-President of Records position.  This officer can be responsible for creating notes of everything discussed at officer meetings to remind each person of the roles and responsibilities for upcoming activities.
  • Maintain a notebook of community contacts.  Members can go directly to the notebook to find the name and phone number of a community partner we have previously worked with instead of spending time trying to re-find information that has previously been established.
  • Encourage members to compete in a Chapter Showcase STAR Event.  These visual displays and manuals are valuable resources to use to promote FCCLA to potential members or community members.  Alumni also enjoy looking at these projects as they reminisce about their experiences in FCCLA.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Positive Impact of Career and Technical Student Organizations

By Jennifer Buffaloe-Parker, NBCT, FCCLA Adviser

This year marked a new and exciting venture as I took a brand new group of students to our State Conference for FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America).  I have been attending these conferences yearly for the past ten years.  This marked the first time that I had a group that was excited about actually competing in competitive events and wanting to win.     This group wanted more.  They had a spark of excitement and fear.

As they prepared, in the weeks that led up to state conference, we spent many hours after school helping each other understand what needed to be done for each project.  We ended up with three strong groups and three strong projects.  I was proud of my students and they were proud of themselves.  They practiced and changed things daily.

I could see that they were all getting anxious.  I tried to continue to provide a strong front for them, even though deep inside, I was a nervous wreck.  It seemed like in no time at all.  I sent them all to compete and in no time at all they were back sharing their experiences with me and each other.  Now the hard part was to wait until the next day for our results.

Finally the last day was upon us and I sent my three groups into the contestant lineup to receive their awards.  As my groups came to the stage I almost screamed with pride when their names were announced and they got to walk across the stage and receive their bronze medals.      Five students and five bronze medals!  I was about to bust with pride and I was so proud of my students for their accomplishments.  Finally my last contestant was approaching the stage and I could barely contain myself when her name was called as the gold medal winner and the representative for our state to the National Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, in July.  We were all so excited.  We had come to compete and we had conquered them all! 

As we were driving home, my students said to me that they had a great time.    They all wanted to continue in FCCLA and my classes and compete again.  This gave me such a great sense of pride and accomplishment as a teacher.  I became a teacher to make a difference in the lives of young people and today I realized that I had a made a difference in the lives of these six teenagers!  I had made a difference and I want to continue to do so for many more years!   Do nott be afraid as an adviser to take a chance on doing something new. 

Do you have stories like this one?  They really encourage other teachers to have their students compete!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is That Your Voice I Hear!?!

By:  Allison Kreifels, National Consultant Team and 2012-13 National Executive Council Adviser

If you are like me summer brings some of the best things.  Eating outside, enjoying time with family, and National Leadership Conference!  I know, I know, it’s a busy week that we all take a deep breath when it’s done but it’s also something that I personally know I look forward to.  I love getting to see all of the friends from around the country, watch our student leaders in action, and seeing the excitement of FCCLA spread to such a wide group.

It’s hard to believe that it really is around the corner.  Some of you reading this may already know that you are going and some of you may still be up in the air.  No matter which group you are in, deadlines come up quick.  The deadline for early registration is May 1, TODAY! While your chapter has already received information about National Leadership Conference, I wanted to just remind you of a few key points:

  • The conference is being held in Nashville, Tennessee from July 7-11 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

  • Early registration ends May 1 and regular registration ends June 15.  After that, you can still register late or onsite but the cost does increase. In addition, if you are paying by purchase order, all payments must be received by June 30.  Any cancellation requests must be submitted in writing by June 15.  Register here.
  • Double check all of your travel arrangements including transportation, hotels, registration, and schedules.
  • Take advantage of some of the great events going on including the Gala-A Southern Summer Night in Music City, the special event at Nashville Shorts, the FCCLA Run4Red 5K to benefit Alumni and Associates, or any of the other great tour and career exploration options.

  • Ensure your students understand and have all clothing necessary to dress within the FCCLA Board of Directors approved dress code which is mandatory for general sessions, business sessions, exhibits, workshops, and the STAR Events recognition session.  You can see the official conference dress here.

Again, I cannot wait to see all of you and your students Discover Your Voice at the 2013 FCCLA National Leadership Conference!