Wednesday, July 25, 2012

National Executive Director NLC and Membership Update

By Michael L. Benjamin, , M.P.H., CAE, National Executive Director

As this is my first blog of the year, I’d start by saying thank you to the more than 6,800 FCCLA members, advisers, alumni, and guests who attended the 67th National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida, July 8-12.  The NLC had the highest attendance to date with over 3800 participating in competitive activities. Kudos to all the participants in those events and a special thank you to the volunteers and FCCLA staff who helped to make this conference a success!

With this year’s conference theme “#realitycheck,” participants examined and discussed several critical issues, including family, school and community violence prevention, physical as well as financial fitness, the changing roles of men and women in the home and workplace, future career exploration, and countless community service projects.  We received positive feedback on the brand new FCCLA app which gave attendees the ability to upload on their smartphones conference information, speaker and workshop descriptions and real-time conferences updates and feedback.  And attendees created their own conference schedules. We plan to use this app throughout the year at all FCCLA meetings. 

In moving forward, we’re looking for a great membership year. With the 2012 FCCLA member affiliation ending at 202,189, we have established our 2012-13 student membership goal at 213,000. So be on the lookout for the new membership kit.  The kit will be in the mail by the first of August. 

Have a safe rest of the summer!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

FCCLA NLC Attendees Get a #realitycheck

By Donna Corder, National Consultant Team

The National Executive Council (NEC), along with almost 7,000 attendees, got a "#realitycheck" at the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in Orlando, Florida, July 8-12, 2012.  Members and advisers alike were offered many different opportunities to build stronger chapters through networking and workshops.

The National Consultant Team (NCT) kicked off the NLC by offering Adviser Academy, FCCLA 101, Adviser to Adviser, and Adviser Networking.  Advisers learned chapter management, the basics of FCCLA, and connected with other advisers to share their many ideas.  The learning opportunities continued through Tuesday, training advisers how to incorporate service learning, leadership skills, and current events, while learning how to take time to rejuvenate and reduce stress. 

In addition, advisers across the nation were recognized for their service to FCCLA and attained Adviser Mentor, Master Adviser and Spirit of Advising awards.  Congratulations to these advisers for all of their hard work!  Don’t forget to submit your applications for these awards next year. 

Throughout the NLC, many advisers made connections with other professionals nationwide.  The NCT would like to challenge you to continue these connections.  This year, the FCCLA blog will be updated every week on Wednesdays, with Executive Director, Michael Benjamin, posting once a month.  This is your opportunity to share your ideas, suggestions, and strengthen your support system.  We want to hear from you, so check out those blogs weekly and let us hear from you.  Keep on blogging!