Friday, August 29, 2008

Return on Investment

Return on Investment or ROI is a business phrase used to describe the important gains that are made by investing in an opportunity with financial and human resources. We like to think that students look for ROI as much as we do when we are buying products or paying FCCLA dues. Much of what I do at the national headquarters is to make sure advisers have the tools and training needed to make FCCLA a success—to provide a return on students’ investment.

How many of your students joined FCCLA because they read a great article on their favorite program in Teen Times? How many joined because they saw their friends having fun?

Probably, several of you said yes to the first question. There are a lot of students who find out about FCCLA on their own, but I bet more students that say they belong to FCCLA to “have fun and get out of school.”

Obviously we want students to get more out of FCCLA than a day out of class (and they will whether they realize it or not!). Recently I was reminded that not all purchases are rational and when looking for return on investment, maybe things are simpler than we think.

At the national headquarters we want to make sure that Teen Times, The Adviser, National Cluster Meetings and National Leadership Conferences are packed with good information, breakout sessions, and other learning opportunities. After all, as adults we recognize that these opportunities make great fodder for college admission essays and provide valuable work experience. There are some students that recognize this too, but the majority of students want to belong to a group. While it may not seem rational, it is the return they are looking for.

Being part of a community is the most important ROI we can provide and as it turns out, we are giving back to ourselves. While students are getting the fun and friends they signed up for, advisers can also gain ground. All our national opportunities are wonderful, but the most learning happens at the local level. Students are more engaged if they are learning about FCCLA in class with their peers. They raise more money if they work in teams. We all know community service is more fun if it can be done with the community.

FCCLA chapters become families and they provide a sense of community to those looking to belong. Winning a gold medal is an amazing accomplishment, but it feels so much better to do it together.

As you prepare to recruit for the year, feel free to share your questions and favorite tips in the comments section.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Affiliate for the 2008-2009 school year by November 1st and receive one of three publications of your choice!

FCCLA is offering one FCCLA publication, FREE OF CHARGE, for all chapters that affiliate by November 1, 2008.

Which of the following FCCLA Publications would you like to receive?

  • Chapter Handbook CD
    The FCCLA Chapter Handbook gives you step-by-step instructions for leading an FCCLA chapter. Filled with time-tested methods for helping students make the most of their involvement. Perfect for members and advisers.
  • Essential Guide to FCCLA in the Classroom CD
    Integrating FCCLA chapters into classroom save time and energy and makes your teaching efforts more effective! This comprehensive Essential Guide details how to explore, set up, plan introduce, and evaluate co-curricular FCCLA. The CD contains worksheets, lesson plans, resources, and hyperlinks that you can personalize to meet the needs of you in-class chapter.
  • Middle Level Comprehensive Guide CD
    The Middle Level Comprehensive Guide includes information on starting an FCCLA middle level chapter, FCCLA middle level chapter management, FCCLA resources, and nine national program sections. Each national program section will include ready-to-use lesson plans, a step one activity, PowerPoint presentations, and much more.

    Please note that the number of publications is limited and availability is based on a first come first serve basis

For more information please visit