Monday, August 30, 2010

Join Us for an Affiliation Webinar

In order to help advisers walk through the affiliation database, FCCLA will be holding a how-to webinar. This free 60 minute session will walk through the different pages of the database and show advisers how to fill out and look up information. It will demonstrate the new database's method of pulling information from formerly affiliated member lists and adding new students to the chapter.

We welcome you to join us on Wednesday, September 8 at 3:00 p.m. EST for this important session. The webinar will be recorded for those who are unable to sign up or be part of the session to view at a later time. Please check the September 1 EAdviser to link to the sign up page.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet the 2010-2011 NEC and NECA!

Ten new officers were elected and installed at the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in Chicago. We’re gearing up for the new school year and as we begin, those officers and their advisers will meet as a group for the first time since NLC to set goals and make plans.

As they plan for their year, we encourage you to continue to plan for yours. Meet with your officer team to discuss their goals and dreams.

Get to know the new NEC and NECA in Teen Times and The Adviser. Meet them in person at National Cluster Meetings. Tell them what you want the future of FCCLA to look like by responding to Facebook and Twitter posts.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Creating Leaders Who Give Back

Service learning is an increasingly important aspect of a student’s academic experience. FACS curriculum provides many opportunities for students to learn by giving back to their community. When planning a service learning activity this fall, think about your local, regional, or state children’s hospital. FCCLA has partnered with Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) for its National Outreach Project. As we begin our second year with CMN, we celebrate our success in 2009-2010. FCCLA members raised more than $240,000 to support hospitals around the United States.

To get involved in the 2010-2011 efforts, see the Children’s Miracle Network page of the FCCLA national website. Activities can include visiting or touring a hospital visit and tour, sewing blankets, dolls or other items, organizing a community fundraiser and inviting CMN officials and patients to attend.

Did you participate in 2009-2010? Share your activities in the comments section.

Monday, August 2, 2010

National Cluster Meeting Youth Workshop Presenters WANTED

Chapter members can explore opportunities for personal development, gain ideas for shaping future careers, and discover great ways to use FCCLA national programs in their own chapters.  Workshops are presented by FCCLA chapters, partners, and exhibitors, and may include topics such as Family and Consumer Sciences careers, nutrition and healthy lifestyles, global perspectives, and much more.

Submit a workshop proposal by September 7 for consideration.