Monday, August 31, 2009

Read All About It!

The Fall 2009 issue of The Adviser and the September/October issue of Teen Times are available! Meet the new NEC and NECA, read more about each of the students and teacher who will be leading in the spotlight over the next year. Check out new lesson plans and information about the new National Outreach Project with Children’s Miracle Network. Discover new ways to involve business and industry partners—and ask for funding!

Don’t forget to check out Teaching with Teen Times on the FCCLA national website to incorporate the articles from the member magazine into your classroom.

Monday, August 24, 2009

As we kick off a new school year, we look to advisers in the field to give us their best back to school tips. Read below to barrow from our Adviser-to-Adviser group who will be featured in this blog throughout the year.

My best first year tip to advisers is to start getting your students excited about FCCLA the first day of school. Each year my officer team picks a theme for the year and we decorate the FACS room with decorations that go along with that theme. The first day that my students walk in my room that know what our FCCLA theme is for the year. I also include a part in my syllabus about FCCLA so the parents will know that their child has a chance to be a part of FCCLA. – Katrina L.

Make a list on a daily basis of your priorities. Make the list manageable, 2-3 items that you can accomplish. Making a list helps pace yourself so you do not become overwhelmed. You will get it done but not all at once! – Louise L.

Always elect officers in the spring so you can make a plan of work before school starts. Organization and pre-planning with your leaders is KEY to the success of the organization. The members need direction and that is the officer’s responsibility. Members are given opportunities to discuss and then vote on the projects that will be conducted during the year.

The members then sign up for the committees or projects that they would like to serve on. There is always plenty for everyone to assist with. It is vital to have an agenda and a plan so members can discuss and take ownership. Attending a meeting without an agenda is failure before you begin. A written agenda keeps you on task and allows member input. – Sheila T.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Affiliation Process- Coming Soon!

FCCLA will see a change in its affiliation process. We have been working for over a year to fine tune a new national database and we are almost ready to unveil it. The first “module” will be membership affiliation. One of the exciting new tools that this database includes is that it remembers your students! To start, enter and save students one by one. Once a student has been saved in the system, affiliating is only a click away. Next year, those students will automatically be in your account to affiliate again. Additionally, advisers will be able to add new students throughout the year without losing old information. Affiliation receipts will be kept in your account and you may print or email them at anytime.

As with anything new, we expect there to be a few growing pains. Please feel free to call our office at anytime to ask for help, get more information, or provide feedback to help us stay current with your needs.