Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chapter Records: Who, What, When, Where?

By Rachel VanPelt, National Consultant Team

Last year my chapter celebrated our 5th anniversary as an FCCLA chapter.  Our chapter officers planned a big reunion dinner for our members, parents, and alumni as part of their Life Event Planning STAR Event.  Besides the financial planning and budgeting that my students strengthened from planning the event, we quickly realized the importance of another aspect of our chapter: maintaining detailed and accurate chapter records!

When I first started teaching, I knew for sure I would remember everything we did as an FCCLA chapter.   After all, these were memories that would last a lifetime!  But somehow the years and activities have blurred together and I find myself wondering exactly when did we do a toy drive… was that last year?  Two years ago?

Luckily, over time our chapter records have become more detailed as our chapter has grown and developed. 

Here are some chapter record keeping tips that have worked for us:

  • Keep a detailed spreadsheet of member information, including email address and phone numbers, to keep in touch with current and former members.
  • Create a Vice-President of Records position.  This officer can be responsible for creating notes of everything discussed at officer meetings to remind each person of the roles and responsibilities for upcoming activities.
  • Maintain a notebook of community contacts.  Members can go directly to the notebook to find the name and phone number of a community partner we have previously worked with instead of spending time trying to re-find information that has previously been established.
  • Encourage members to compete in a Chapter Showcase STAR Event.  These visual displays and manuals are valuable resources to use to promote FCCLA to potential members or community members.  Alumni also enjoy looking at these projects as they reminisce about their experiences in FCCLA.

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