Thursday, May 23, 2013

FCCLA Summer Activities

By Nikki Sue Larkin, Utah FCCLA State Adviser

Needing some ideas to keep the FCCLA spirit alive this summer?  Check out the following tips!

  • Give chapter officers leadership training assignments during the summer.  These assignments could be to read a chapter out of the FCCLA Ultimate Officer Handbook Training Manual or the Student Leadership Challenge, write a reflection and some goals they have for their position for the upcoming year, or have them memorize the opening and closing ceremony (including the creed) and the purposes of FCCLA.

  • Participate in a parade.  Decorate a float and make flyers to hand out as you walk down the parade route. 

  • Get together to do service projects for the community. These could include planting flowers, cleaning up the highway and serving at the local community events.

  • Do a chapter officer training before school starts up again in the fall. Have officers bring their favorite candy that represents them. Give each officer a binder with important information about FCCLA, list of duties for their office, or a school calendar. Put together a program of work for your chapter.

  • Do a summer leadership conference for chapter officers during registration day in August that gets them focused on getting kids signed up before school even starts.
  • Have chapter officers come on registration day to help give kids direction in the halls, get kids excited for school, and also be seen around as part of the leadership of the school. By doing this students understand that FCCLA officers are all part of the leadership for the school.

Do you have any summer FCCLA ideas?

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